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10 Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder

Using protein powder is an effortless way to increase our daily protein intake to help reach the daily recommended amount of 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men.

You’re probably used to adding protein powder to your morning or post-workout smoothie, but protein powder is more versatile than you think! 

Here are 10 creative ways that you can use protein powder: 

  1. Add it to yogurt: Yogurt is a delicious snack loaded with health benefits like bone-building calcium and probiotics. Combine a small scoop of vanilla/chocolate protein powder, plain Greek yogurt, mixed berries, cinnamon, and a handful of shaved almonds and get a yummy treat any time of the day! 
  2. Make protein balls: Protein balls aka energy balls are simple, healthy, and are perfect for easy snacking on-the-go! With rolled oats, protein powder, peanut butter and a touch of honey, energy balls will keep you satisfied for hours while reaching your protein goals!
  3. Up your oatmeal game: Tired of eating oatmeal because it’s plain and boring? Well it doesn’t have to be that way! Spice it up by adding a scoop of protein powder to it to not only amp up the taste, but the nutrition as well. 
  4. Satisfy your sweet tooth: Craving ice-cream but want a healthier alternative? Create a “nice-cream” by blending 1-2 scoops of protein powder with frozen fruit and milk of your choice! 
  5. Add to ricotta/cottage cheese: Cottage cheese and ricotta are naturally rich in protein, but when you add protein powder to it, you’ll get an even tastier high-protein snack! Even if you HATE cottage cheese or ricotta, I bet you’ll love this thick and creamy snack. 
  6. Blend it with your coffee: Start your day off right with the caffeine you need to get your energy flowing and the protein you need to keep it going. Add a single scoop of protein powder and milk of your choice  to your iced coffee, add in extra ice, and blend. Coffee is already full of antioxidants and metabolism-boosting properties, so why not add in some extra benefits with the assistance of protein powder?
  7. Add it to your pancake/waffle batter: Add protein powder to your waffle/pancake batter to turn a traditionally unhealthy breakfast into a nutritious alternative. Eating a high protein breakfast can help set the tone for the rest of the day!
  8. Make a smoothie bowl: Tired of drinking the same basic smoothie? Switch it up by creating a smoothie bowl. Add a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie, put it in a bowl and add a variety of nutritious foods on top such as nuts, nut butters, chia/flax seeds, or more fruit! 
  9. Combine it with chia: Chia seed pudding is becoming a popular dairy-free alternative to yogurt and pudding. Next time you whip up a batch, consider adding any flavor of protein powder to it to enhance the flavor and texture! 
  10. Create a dip: You can combine a scoop of chocolate protein powder, a tablespoon of nut butter and a tablespoon of water at a time until it reaches your desired consistency to dip your apples in. Or go for a savory hummus with the addition of a scoop of unflavored protein powder. Be sure not to add so much because it can change the texture of the dip; incorporate it slowly and add a liquid like water or lemon juice if necessary.

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