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Maryann Walsh, MFN, RD, CDE

Maryann Walsh is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Diabetes Educator and owner of Walsh Nutrition Consulting based in Palm Beach, Florida.

Originally born and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island, Maryann grew up in a household of “serial dieters”, which led her to become increasingly intrigued by the mystique around weight loss and weight management that eluded not only members of her family but so many people she met as well. Maryann became infatuated with learning everything she could about nutrition, diet and behavior change and how she could simplify it not only for herself and her family but for others as well.

Maryann went on to complete dual bachelors degrees in Biological Sciences and Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Psychology. Maryann has lent her expertise to numerous online and print publications including Huffington Post, Shape and Men’s Journal as well as to news network affiliate appearances on NBC, CBS and ABC.

As a subject matter expert in nutrition and weight management, Maryann has worked with brands such as SlimFast, Glanbia Nutritionals, Sprouts Farmers Market, Vitamin Shoppe and Breyers Ice Cream among others where she provided representation in publications, copywriting, product and program development as well as social media content creation. 

Maryann’s approach to nutrition and weight loss is that it is not one-size fits all: we are all unique, we all live unique lives and all have unique sets of circumstances and resources. Maryann’s goal is to always simplify the numerous approaches to nutrition and/or weight loss in order to make it a lifelong lifestyle change versus something overly complicated and impossible to stick to!

Fun-Fact about Maryann: being half Italian, her favorite treat since she has been a child are cannolis, she loves them so much she named her 6 lb Maltipoo Cannoli in honor of her favorite dessert!


  • Master of Food and Nutrition and Dietetic Internship- Bowling Green State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics – University of Rhode Island

  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences – University of Rhode Island

  • Minor in Business Administration/ Marketing

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist – Florida Dept. of Health

  • Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



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