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5 Easy, Lower Sugar Mocktail Ideas!

Celebrations often mean sugary treats and boozy cocktails. However, considering the number of perks associated with limiting your alcohol intake, it might be worth reconsidering!

By using natural sweeteners, fresh fruit and herbs, you can blend or infuse a healthy mocktail that is so delicious no one will miss the alcohol! 

Why wouldn't you enjoy a tasty (and nutritious) drink if you could avoid the hangover, spare your liver, and save some calories in the process?

Whether you’re sober, pregnant, or just want to cut back on booze, here are 5 simple & delicious mocktails to try this Summer: 

Virgin Mojito: Mojito mix, soda water, and mint with a lime wedge. This Mojito mix has 50 calories per 2 ounces! 

Virgin Mimosa: Orange or citrus flavored seltzer and a splash of OJ

Arnold Palmer: ½ diet lemonade ½ unsweetened iced tea

Watermelon Mint Cooler: ½ cup pure watermelon juice (unsweetened), ½ – 1 cup sparkling or seltzer water, 1-2 tbsp lime juice, and fresh mint 

Moscow Mule: 1 tbsp lime juice, ¾ cup ginger-flavored kombucha, Seltzer water, and fresh lime and mint for garnish 

While the occasional drink can certainly fit into a balanced lifestyle, it’s not for everyone! So if you’re looking to cut back on your alcohol intake or simply want to switch it up, give these low-sugar mocktails a try. Cheers!


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